I was born on the Isle of Cumbrae which is a small Island off the west coast of Scotland. It seems to me the simplest way to descibe my home is to let a professional author descibe it for me:

THERE are few watering-places in the Firth of Clyde which have proved more winsome and attractive than Millport, in the Isle of Cumbrae. As the visitor from Largs or Fairlie approaches the pier, he finds himself in the bossom of a deep sunny bay, which faces the south and delights the eye with a beautiful picture of green engirdling hills and lofty red cliffs. The general features of the scene are singularly pleasing and varied. Within the two wing-like promontories which, on east and west, enfold the waters of the bay, lie a number of sheltering rock-islets; and the innermost shore-line presents a beautiful arrangement of fine bathing sands, which are separated or intersected by picturesque dispositions of rock.

Guide-Book to The Cumbraes by W.Lytteil 1886

postcard from Millport

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