RISC OS Software

This page lists the latest versions of my Software mostly written using
WimpWorks by Jaffa Software.

MP3 Utilities
AMPEGid AMPEGId MP3 TAG editor 0.4 13 Oct 1998
MP3Index MP3Index MP3 Indexer 0.01 28 Nov 1999
Nail Nail Make thumbnails of Images 1.08 18 Jan 2000
PatchPost PatchPost Adds extra lines to IA output from Artworks to make it readable on the PC. 0.01a 11 Jul 1999
Patches & Hacks
UniqueID Sprite UniqueId Read/Write Fake ID code 1.2a 29 May 1999
Reset Sprite ResetImp Resets Impression details in !System 1.00 26 May 1999
Other Stuff
CDFaker Sprite CDFaker Use ISO images as though real CD 23 Nov 1998
ConvBBC ConvBBC Convert to/from BBC INF files 0.0b 02 Jun 1999
PlexTime PlexTime Set the Plexor CD-ROM timeout settings 1
Calc Calc Simple desktop calculator 0.03 30 Dec 1999
FlopWrite FlopWrite Frontend to FlopWrite utility 1.00 24 Aug 2000
ADFimager ADFimager Program to Read/Write ADF disc images 1.00 New
WimpWorks WEMs
PatchWW PatchWW Replacement Functions/Procedures 1.00 24 Nov 1999